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RAE Paint

RAE Hi-Build Fast Dry Latex Traffic Paint

RAE Hi-Build Fast Dry Latex Traffic Paint

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RAE Hi-Build Fast Dry Latex Traffic Paint is a 100% Acrylic Latex Marking Paint designed for high builds, extremely quick drying and turn around time. This product has increased durability and better mark resistance than other standard products.

Can be used over concrete, asphalt, or brick. Indoor & Outdoor uses include: painting center lines, edge lines, auxiliary markings of airport highways & runways, crosswalks, stop bars, parking lots, traffic aisles, stencil painting, etc.

Meets TT-P-1952F Type III Federal Specification

SURFACE PREPARATION - The surface to be painted must be dry and free of loose paint, grease, oil, and dirt. Striping paints will not adhere to unclean surfaces. New concrete must be allowed to fully cure before painting. Adhesion can be adversely affected by sealers and efflorescence on new concrete. These should be removed by etching, abrasive blasting, or allowing the surface to weather for an extended period of time. New concrete and/or asphalt should be allowed to age for several months before painting. Shrinking of the paint film during drying can cause lifting or cracking of asphalt if the surface is not fully cured. Applying a test stripe to test for adequate cure of new asphalt is recommended. If painting new asphalt is necessary, using a reduced film thickness will minimize the possibility of asphalt lifting. Excessive film build will increase the chance of lifting.

THINNING - None is normally required, but a small amount of water may be added if needed. DO NOT add gasoline, oil, or any other petroleum-based products to waterborne paints. Adding any amount of thinner may adversely affect dry time.

APPLICATION - Stir all containers thoroughly before using. Paint only in dry weather. Straining the paint when using spray equipment is recommended. May be applied by a marking machine, roller, or brush. No surface priming is required. Apply a wet film thickness of 25-30 mils to yield a dry film thickness of 20-23 mils. For best results apply at substrate temperatures of 50°F and rising. When using glass beads, 4 - 6 pounds of beads per gallon is recommended. If spraying, do not mix beads directly into paint. When striping in cold temperatures, the warmer the paint the easier it is to spray. Recommended application conditions: 50°F minimum and 90°F maximum. Apply at least 5 °F above dew point with a relative humidity below 85%.

COVERAGE - Coverage is dependent upon user and usage. Normally, approximately 45 square feet per gallon. In terms of striping, approximately 40 gallons will stripe a 4-inch line one mile using a mechanical striper. Using a truck mounted spraying system, approximately 32 gallons will stripe a 4-inch line one mile. Over applying paint may cause “mud cracking” and may affect adhesion and longevity. Under applying paint may cause premature wear off and/or premature fading of color.

SPRAY EQUIPMENT - Application equipment must be clean from all previous paint(s). The use of non-stainless steel spray equipment is strongly discouraged as an alkaline paint may “surface shock” when exposed to other mild metals.

CLEAN UP - Clean all brushes, rollers, tools, and paint lines immediately with warm water and a mild detergent to prevent drying. If drying does occur, a mild caustic solution should remove dried film.

DRYING TIMES - Dry times are dependent upon weather conditions both before and after application. See Product Characteristics for more information.

HANDLING SAFETY - Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Avoid breathing of vapors or spray mist. Do not take internally. Close container after each use. Wear respirator, eye protection and protective clothing when handling. See MSDS for further information.

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