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RAE Paint

RAE Fast Dry Latex Supreme Paint

RAE Fast Dry Latex Supreme Paint

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RAE Fast Dry Supreme Latex Traffic Paint

A fast-drying, 100% acrylic latex marking paint for concrete, brick, and bituminous surfaces. This product has been designed for painting centerlines, edge lines and auxiliary markings of highways, runways, parking lots, traffic aisles, crosswalks, etc

Can be used over concrete, asphalt, or brick. Indoor & Outdoor uses include: painting center lines, edge lines, auxiliary markings of airport highways & runways, crosswalks, stop bars, parking lots, traffic aisles, stencil painting, etc.

Meets Federal Specification TT-P-1952F Type I and II 

SURFACE PREPARATION -The surface to be painted must be dry, free of grease and oil and brushed free of loose dirt. Striping paints will not adhere to unclean surfaces, or to loose or peeling paint. Sealers and efflorescence on new concrete can affect adhesion and should be removed by etching, abrasive blasting, and/or allowing the surface to weather for an extended period of time. New concrete and/or asphalt must be fully cured prior to application. Allowing the surface to age for several months prior is recommended. If asphalt is insufficiently cured, applying a thin coat (approximately ½ the recommended thickness) generally reduces the extent of lifting and cracking. Concrete curing compounds can affect performance; therefore, a test stripe is recommended to determine if the substrate has aged sufficiently prior to application.

THINNING - None is normally required, but a small amount of water may be added if needed. DO NOT add gasoline, oil, or any other petroleum-based products to waterborne paints. Adding any amount of thinner may adversely affect dry time.

APPLICATION -Application equipment must be clean from all previous paint(s). Stir all containers thoroughly prior to use. May be applied by spray equipment, brush, or roller. Straining the paint when using spray equipment is recommended. No surface priming is required. Paint only in dry weather. Higher humidity levels and lower temperatures (air, surface, and material) will increase dry time. Weather conditions after application may also have adverse effects on performance. Recommended application conditions: 50°F minimum and 90°F maximum, at least 5°F above dew point, and a maximum of 85% RH. For best results, apply at substrate temperatures of 50°F and rising. Apply a wet film thickness of 14-16 mils to yield a dry film thickness of 8-10 mils. When using glass beads, 4-6 pounds of beads per gallon is recommended. If using spray equipment, do not mix beads directly into paint. Using proper equipment will maximize film build, coverage, and performance. The use of non-stainless steel spray equipment is strongly discouraged as alkaline paint may “surface shock” when exposed to other mild metals. Protect painted surfaces from traffic until thoroughly dry. Painted surfaces may become slippery when wet. Dry times are dependent upon weather and surface conditions, as well as film thickness and product type.

COVERAGE -Coverage is dependent upon user and usage. Approximately 90 square feet per gallon is normal. In terms of striping, approximately 20 gallons will stripe one mile of 4-inch line using spray equipment. When using a truck mounted sprayer, approximately 16 gallons will stripe one mile of 4-inch line. Overapplication of paint may cause “mud-cracking,” affecting adhesion and longevity. Underapplication of paint may cause premature wear off and/or premature fading of color.

SPRAY EQUIPMENT - Application equipment must be clean from all previous paint(s). The use of non-stainless steel spray equipment is strongly discouraged as an alkaline paint may “surface shock” when exposed to other mild metals.

CLEAN UP - Clean all brushes, rollers, tools, and spray equipment immediately after use, with warm water and a mild detergent, to prevent drying. If drying occurs, a mild, caustic solution should remove the dried film. Comply with all federal, state, and local requirements for disposal of paints and related materials.

DRYING TIMES - Dry times are dependent upon weather conditions both before and after application. See Product Characteristics for more information.

HANDLING SAFETY -Close and seal container after each use. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Avoid breathing vapors or spray mist. Harmful or fatal if swallowed; do not take internally. Wear a respirator, eye protection, and protective clothing when handling. Injurious to eyes. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store outdoors or in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. See the safety data sheet prior to use for further information. Should questions arise, contact RAE Products & Chemicals at 1-708-396-1984.

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