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Preformed Thermoplastic Primer

Preformed Thermoplastic Primer

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Preformed Thermoplastic Primer

Product Description

Our preformed thermoplastic epoxy primer helps strengthen the bond between the thermoplastic and the substrate, helping to eliminate early delaminating (loss of adhesion) - USE ESPECIALLY OVER CONCRETE!

All our preformed thermoplastic pavement marking materials combine the convenience of pre-cut and easy-to-install torch down markings with the performance qualities of hot applied kettle-melt thermoplastic.

Engineered for enhanced visibility during both day and night, our preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are made with Swarco’s brilliant glass beads which are distributed throughout the material during the manufacturing process.

With installation using just a propane torch, thermoplastic stop-bars to bike symbols have never been so easy to install.

    Description Size Item # Weight Covers
    2090 Primer 1 gallon 4239 7.8 lbs  300 sq.ft. 
    2090 Primer 5 gallon 1048 39 lbs  1500 sq.ft 
    2090 Primer 55 gallon 1047 386 lbs  16,500 sqft. 
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