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CEMAR Torgos Diesel-Powered Turbine Road Dryers

CEMAR Torgos Diesel-Powered Turbine Road Dryers

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Cemar's Innovative Diesel Turbine Road Dryers

The CEMAR Torgos road dryers, powered by robust diesel turbines, are engineered to tackle one of the most persistent challenges in road construction and maintenance: the delay caused by wet conditions. This innovative technology propels extremely hot air across road surfaces, swiftly drying them and significantly reducing downtime due to rain or moisture. By integrating Cemar's advanced drying technology, RAE Products & Chemicals underscores its commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions to the U.S. construction sector.

Introducing the CITY: Compact Power, Exceptional Efficiency

The CITY model is a testament to the adage that great things come in small packages. Engineered for versatility and efficiency, the CITY road dryer is the perfect solution for urban environments and tight spaces where maneuverability is key. Despite its compact size, the CITY packs a powerful punch, rapidly drying wet surfaces to keep projects on schedule, regardless of weather conditions. Its diesel-powered turbine generates a focused stream of hot air, capable of drying road surfaces quickly and preparing them for immediate construction or maintenance work. Ideal for smaller-scale projects, the CITY ensures that rain or moisture doesn’t slow down urban road improvements.

Meet the TORGOS T35: The Ultimate in Power and Performance

For larger-scale operations, the TORGOS T35 emerges as the frontrunner in drying technology. Designed to handle extensive areas with ease, the T35 is capable of integrating with a line driver, making it the go-to choice for major road construction and maintenance projects. Its powerful diesel turbine blasts away moisture on road surfaces, ensuring that paving, painting, and repairs can proceed without delay. The TORGOS T35's efficiency not only cuts down project times but also contributes to longer-lasting road surfaces by improving the bonding of materials.

Why Choose the Torgos Series?

  • Efficiency at Its Best: Reduce delays caused by wet conditions and complete projects on or ahead of schedule.
  • Versatility for Every Project: With the CITY and TORGOS T35 models, there’s a solution for both urban environments and large-scale operations.
  • Quality and Durability: Improve the adherence of road markings and the application of materials, ensuring a longer lifespan for road infrastructure.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Engineered for energy efficiency, our road dryers minimize fuel consumption and emissions without compromising performance.

Product Brochure:

CEMAR Road Dryers are not just about drying roads;

they’re about accelerating your path to efficient road

painting and pavement markings.


In the world of road maintenance and safety, time is of

the essence. Imagine the ability to clear wet roads and

have the crews back painting in record time.


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